Tom Hine was born in London in 1978, but was raised in the steel city of Sheffield. A shrewd move by his family he suspects; to help stimulate some sort of creativity by surrounding him in nothing but grey industrial concrete buildings. It seems to have worked in a funny sort of way, because he now enjoys nothing more than painting big characters all over concrete walls, shop shutters, canvases or anything else that paint will stick to.


Exhibiting often across the U.K,  pieces of artwork are also on permanent display in Europe and Asia - Most recently painting a rickshaw workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, the artist says he received the best critique he could ever hope for about his work, when a small boy approached him, excitedly rubbing his thighs, enquiring; 'Mister! Mister! Can you please explain your painting to me, because I feel excited and I don't know why?!'


Now living in Bristol, working full time as an artist, you'll mainly find him in his studio, steadily producing canvases and cups of tea....